does a pipe duct need seismic bracing 12inch rule

does a pipe duct need seismic bracing 12inch rule
NM400 weather resistant steel

Seismic Bracing Requirements for Nonstructural Components

Aug 21, 2015 · 12 Inch Rule: When a distributed system such as conduit ducts or pipes are suspended from the structure with hangers less than 12 inches in …Estimated Reading Time: 6 Explore furtherSection 13 05 41 - SEISMIC RESTRAINT REQUIREMENTS FOR NO… 7 - 2010 - Table 13.6-1 - Structural engineering ...www.eng-tips.comChapter 13 Seismic Design Requirements for Nonstructural ...ascelibrary.orgFAQ – Seismic Restraint of Non-Structural Building ...bvtengineering.comNonstructural Components ASCE 7 Chapter 13 Architectural Seismic Bracing for Ductwork, HVAC, Electrical & PipeIn earthquake-prone areas, proper design and engineering make sure buildings stay structurally sound during a seismic event. But earthquakes damage more than just piers and beams, so it’s important to protect a building’s nonstructural components, including the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems (sometimes abbreviated MEP-F). Seismic protection for ductwork, plu…See more on SMACNA Seismic Restraint Manual - iccsafe.orgBracing of Pipes - Conduit Seismic supports are not required for piping systems where one of the following conditions is met: 1. Piping is supported by rod hangers; hangers in the pipe run are 12 in. (305 mm) or less in length from the top of the pipe to the supporting structure;

KINETICS™ Pipe & Duct Seismic Application Manual

S4.2 – General Exemptions for Pipe and Duct – ASCE/SEI 7-05 Section 13.1.4: 1. Pipe and duct in or attached to buildings assigned to Seismic Design Categories A or B do not required seismic restraints. 2. Pipe and duct in or attached to buildings assigned to Seismic Design Category C, and INSTALLING SEISMIC RESTRAINTS FOR DUCT AND PIPEDuct/Pipe/In-line Equipment: DUCT/PIPE/IN-LINE EQUIPMENT Duct Bracing Selection BRACING SELECTION Duct Bracing Selection Be sure to refer to approved construction drawings and specifications, seismic restraint submittals, and manufacturer’s instructions. Step 1: Identify the duct bracing used Figure 8 shows the different ways to brace KINETICS™ Pipe & Duct Seismic Application ManualS1.3 – Basic Rules for Applying Seismic Restraints to Pipe and Duct: RULE #1: Pipe and duct are spoken of in terms of “a run of pipe” or “a run of duct”. As used here, a “run” is considered to be any straight section of pipe or duct between bends, … NFPA 13 Seismic Bracing Requirements: Cable Sway BracesConversely, 4-way braces on risers can also provide lateral and longitudinal bracing for horizontal pipe (A. Remember, any time that a brace does double duty, its ZOI is larger and it has to be able to bear the added seismic loads. Branch line restraint. Branch lines, except as we discussed previously, do not require bracing.

KINETICS™ Pipe & Duct Seismic Application Manual

Seismic restraints for pipe and duct are generally separated into to two categories. 1. Transverse Seismic Restraints: These act to keep the pipe or duct from swinging side-to-side. They are normally placed so that they act perpendicular, at right angles, to the pipe or duct, as shown in Figure Seismic Bracing Systems - unistrutohio.comIf necessary, seismic force can be recalculated with braces on every trapeze (see figure 2). Pipe Data Table 1 Data for Schedule 40 Standard Weight Pipe Including Horizontal Seismic Force of .50 G Pipe Max.Support Weight Of Horizontal Seismic Pipe Section Spacing Per Pipe Plus Force/Ft. of Pipe Size Modulus ASME B31.1* Water (.5 x Pipe Wt./Ft.) Seismic Requirements in Duct Installations - DuctusThe ALP duct solution is lightweight and incredibly strong making it perfect for use in areas of high seismic activity when installed using the ALP and Gripple specialist seismic system. This combined system has been designed to ensure compliance to AS 1170.4. Gripple seismic bracing systems are used to restraint most non-structural California 2016 CBC - Seismic bracing of ductwork? | The ...May 12, 2017 · May 10, 2017. #1. I have a plan reviewer that is requiring seismic bracing on small cross section ductwork. They are citing ASCE 7-10, 13.6.7 Ductwork. I believe exception #2 is exactly what we have. They are saying that somehow we need to satisfy both exception #1b and #2. Our ductwork is small diameter with the largest being 24".

KINETICS™ Pipe & Duct Seismic Application Manual

KINETICS™ Pipe & Duct Seismic Application Manual EXTREME TEMPERATURE PIPING APPLICATIONS PAGE 1 of 18 SECTION – S9.0 ... rules for seismically restraining pipe may need to be modified slightly when dealing with extreme Eliminating the Confusion from Seismic Codes and …Why do we need to brace. Seismic Design Category C, D, E, or F Seismic Design Category (SDC) ... Seismic Brace Spacing ... •Tension/Compression Bracing Pipe, Angle Iron & Strut Resists loads ½ in tension – ½ in compression Length limited by K1/r200 Brace element on one side of braced component. Types of Seismic Bracing Installation Best Practices: Pipe Bracing ...Jul 10, 2019 · In the final blog of the seismic bracing video series, see how rigid bracing is used in a mechanical or plumbing application.To safeguard potential damage from a seismic event, rigid bracing using pipe as the bracing member should be used to brace Pipe and Duct Seismic Application Manual | Kinetics Noise ...May 11, 2009 · Pipe and Duct Component Importance Factor: 04/21/08: S4.0: Code Based Exemptions: 09/04/09: S5.0: Code Based Seismic Design Forces: 02/16/10: S6.0: Anchorage of Seismic Restraints for Pipe and Duct: 05/07/09: S7.0: Selection and Location of Seismic Restraints for Pipe and Duct: 11/01/10: S8.0: Hanger Rod Reaction Forces and Stiffener ...


DUCT HANGING COMPONENTS SEISMIC BRACING. SEISMIC BRACING. Page Loading... Narrow Results By: Sort By: 1 - 14 of 14 Items ... CADDY CSBRS1 #402207 PIPE ROD STIFFENER FOR 3/8, 1/2, AND 5/8 ROD SIZES (OLD VST# RS1) Log In for Pricing and Availability. Pipe, Duct & Electrical Seismic Bracing Design | Mason OregonPipe, Duct & Electrical Seismic Bracing Design. In today’s current building code environment, it’s mandatory on most projects to provide stamped drawings for the seismic design of your piping, duct or electrical system. We offer several seismic brace design solutions to fit your needs. We can provide a standard simple mark-up of your plans Seismic Bracing of CPVC Pipe - Sprinkler AgeAug 29, 2018 · Such a value does not permit the omission of lateral bracing on mains, per section Currently, most of the manufacturers of seismic bracing hardware have a fitting to attach to CPVC piping which will provide lateral bracing. An isometric example of such lateral bracing is provided. (See Figure 1 at top of this article.) Unistrut Seismic Bracing - Unistrut New Zealand, a part …the installation of the seismic bracing system. The Seismic Tables are for a seismic factor of 1.0g and can be used to determine brace location, sizes, and anchorage of pipe/duct/conduit and trapeze supports. The development of a new seismic table is required for seismic factors other than 1.0g and must be reviewed by OSHPD prior to seismic ...

Seismic Bracing Systems - Power-Strut

the installation of the seismic bracing system. The Seismic Tables defined in Pages 5 & 6 are for a seismic factor of 1.0g and can be used to determine brace location, sizes, and anchorage of pipe/duct/conduit and trapeze supports. The development of a new seismic table is required for seismic factors other than 1.0g and must be reviewed by Seismic Guidelines for Water PipelinesAcknowledgements The following people and their affiliations contributed to this report. Person Affiliation John Eidinger (Chairman) G&E Engineering Systems Ducting » Seismic ResilienceDucting. All ducting systems must be seismically restrained, unless they are: a flexible ducting system that is less than 1.5 m long. Ducting systems that do not require restraint. Where a restraint system is required and the duct work is suspended with cables, the restraints must restrict movement of the ducting in all Seismic Bracing | Mason IndustriesSEISMIC BRACING. Seismic Cable Restraints shall consist of galvanized steel aircraft cables sized to resist seismic loads with a minimum safety factor of two and arranged to provide all directional restraint. Cables must be pre-stretched to achieve a …

Asce 7 10 presentation on seismic bracing for mep systems

Mar 23, 2016 · seismic bracing is a code requirement 5 6. 6 areas requiring seismic bracing 7. seismic ground acceleration code changes “g-force” 7 8. seismic design requirements for nonstructural components chapter 13 8 9. bracing/supports for mep systems must be engineered by a pe and reviewed and approved by the ahj 9 Piping Systems and IBC ASCE - gopsi.comComponent Bracing Building Codes require seismic bracing of certain ppp ,ipes, conduits, or ducts, but questions still persist as to why, how, where, or even if bracing is needed. The following is a broad overview of requirements, methods, and … EARTHQUAKE PROTECTION - ASHRAEthat is Vibration Isolated with seismic snubbers. Pipe, Cable Trays, Bus Ducts & Conduit Bracing Details Cable Bracing TRANSVERSE & LONGITUDINAL CABLE BRACE FOR HORIZONTAL SUSPENDED PIPE FIGURE 1 TRANSVERSE BRACE LONGITUDINAL BRACE ROD STIFFENER (WHEN REQUIRED) STIFFENER CLAMP HANGER ROD SWIVEL … Seismic Restraints of Ducts and Pipes - a PDH Online ...Seismic Restraints of Ducts and Pipes. Steven G. Liescheidt, P.E., CCS, CCPR. Course Outline. This seven hour online course discusses some fundamental basics of how to attach duct and pipe to a building to minimize earthquake damage.

Straight Bracing Pipe Support Components

Typically bracing is required when pipes are 24” or more above the roof. Use with: Pipe, duct and cable tray supports. Material: Steel HDG. Sizes: As required (typical lengths are 6 ft, 8 ft and 10 ft) Not for individual sale, component part for support systems only.Some results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement. For more information, please see here.


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